Indoor professional cleaning

Indoor professional cleaning

Indoor professional cleaning of commercial buildings: factories, Airports, warehouses and offices; covering carpets, hard floor, wooden floor cleaning, sanding and polishing, upholstery cleaning.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

PURAGUM SOLUTIONS LTD Provides cleaning services without chemical additives for harsh bleeding agents resulting in a softer, cleaners and more fragrant grade, scent, appearance and ambience of your premises, offices, curtains, carpets, chairs, floors, compounds etc. that will be superior to most of your clients and life.

We use modem hot water mixed chemicals for wet extraction of carpets and upholstery (sofa sets) with extraction machines using extraction powder, with solvent boost which quickly cuts through tough, dry or greasy soils and leave the carpet or sofa clean to perfection, for all types of carpets, wool, cotton, nylon, acryl on etc.
We have driers that enable cleaned items dry faster and instantly to avoid the inconvenience of living with wet items and odors that accompany them.

Hard Floors
We scrub and polish floors for instance P.V.C. Terrazzo, Marble, Un-glazed ceramic, Porcelain tiles, Quarry tiles Vinyl tiles linoleum, Asphalt using Wetrok scrubbing machines and wet vacuum cleaners with Wetrok floor stripper and Wetrok polish which is easy to maintain, resists scuffing, has metalized formulation for harder wear and long life and provides a long lasting durable high glass self-shinning finish.

Wooden Floors
Sanding and polishing of strip laid, parquet blocks or cork floors with sanding machines
and wood polish which has a self shinning finish and hard wear.

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