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About Puragum Solutions Ltd

Puragum Solutions Ltd (‘PS’ or ‘Puragum’) is a limited liability company that was established in 2018  with the objective of providing quality commercial and domestic cleaning and fumigation services to enable its customers achieve their business goals.

Puragum Solutions Limited is one of the growing professional cleaning and fumigation Services Company. Drawing on the knowledge and skills of more than 9 years of experience, we build relationships by providing services based on quality and integrity.

Our company performs cleaning and fumigation services with the highest standards of professional, ethical and integrity. In relation to the required services of fumigation, we particularly have great experience in providing such services in a professional manner.


Our Vision is

To excel in our principal activities of providing versatile and industry hygienic cleaning and fumigation services so as to maintain and increase our market-share in Uganda and East Africa.

Our Mission is

To be the partner of choice by providing friendly, flexible and high quality services that meet or exceeds the requirements of our customers keeping abreast best health and safety practices in every respect.

Our Values are; integrity, confidentiality, teamwork and Excellence

The staff of PURAGUM SOLUTIONS LTD have adequate training in cleaning, pest control, plumbing and electrical services. We have enough capacity to handle any amount of work that comes our way.
We currently have a total number of 21 hygiene officers (the number keeps changing depending on the contracts that are running) for general cleaning of buildings, all surfaces, mowing and pest control services. They use of the chemicals. They are also closely monitored by their supervisors and on call at any time if required.
PURAGUM SOLUTIONS LTD also employs a Marketing Executive that liaises between the company and the customers and provides other customer services. He works hand in hand with the Operations Services Managers.

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